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Air Krete®  Injection Foam Insulation

The One and Only Insulation That Does It All

No single type of insulation is the best for every application. Energy experts from all over the world tell us that each type — cellulose, fiberglass, spray foam, rigid board, or even recycled denim (!) — has its plusses and minuses. But now there’s a product that gets closer to being the one insulation that does it all.

Called Air Krete®, it has the look and feel of shaving cream as it’s being injected into walls, ceiling or roof cavities. When dry, it hardens into stable, lightweight solid foam.

At R-3.9 per inch, it’s more effective than fiber insulations, and even as effective as some expensive spray foam and rigid board insulations. Like other foams, it air-seals as it insulates, stopping up energy losses in two ways.


Air Krete® is the industry’s most environmentally-safe insulation

Air Krete® consists of air, water, and magnesium oxide (MGO). It is a non-toxic, efficient, and economical insulation that’s now available exclusively from Dr. Energy Saver.

Unlike messy polyurethane-based foams, Air Krete® doesn’t rely on a solvent-based chemical process. No hazardous fumes are produced during or after application, and clean-up is simple – using just water for excess removal. While this extends drying times to several days, it enables our application technicians to work without hazmat gear. Nor do homeowners need to vacate their homes for hours or days while it cures. Air Krete®, the innovative injection foam insulation, provides all the advantages of spray foam insulation with none of the risks.



Air Krete® Benefits

  • Air Krete® insulation sample was resistant to mold growth at both 75% and 95% relative humidity. Neither mold was found to amplify in the materials at either humidity.
  • Air Krete®, over time, maintains a very high insulation value. (R-3.9)
  • Air Krete® seals very effectively around the edges from infiltrating air.
  • Air Krete® does not expand, shrink or settle and completely fills cavities, including around obstructions, wiring and crevices.
  • Air Krete® does not inflict damage to environment or man. Material is non-toxic, does not create any ozone-depleting CFC’s and does not contain any formaldehyde or carcinogenic fibers. In fact, it actually absorbs carbon pollution from the atmosphere!
  • Air Krete® is also a fireproofing insulation material and does not burn or release any smoke. It may be used as a fire-stop material.
  • Air Krete® has a de-oiling effect that deters rodents and insects.
  • Air Krete® is fully recyclable and can be used to enrich soil.
  • Air Krete® is very flexible and adaptable in its use in wall, roof and ceiling cavities in new or old construction.
  • Air Krete® is very cost-effective.
  • Air Krete® has the ability to absorb moisture without loss of insulation value. It therefore tempers and regulates indoor air humidity and enhances healthy and comfortable air quality.
  • Air Krete® is also a soundproofing insulation material and used very effectively in interior sound partitions. In encasing plumbing pipes, water noises are very effectively reduced.
  • Because Air Krete® is made of Magnesium Oxide (MGO), a refractory cement, it is ideal for high temperature applications.


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