Insulation, Heating System, Crawlspace Repair - Warren County

“Received $16,800.00 In free Home Energy Upgrades!”

“I am a single mom that has three children and works two jobs to keep my home that I worked so hard to acquire 20 years ago. So how did I hear about The Climate Chief? They were presenting at my mothers retirement center. They explained that they can fix uncomfortable houses and that they worked with State programs that could help fund home energy upgrades. It was a few weeks later that I had Gary with The Climate Chief out to perform my NYSERDA energy audit. After the audit, Gary put together an itemized contract for addressing the most important issues with my home, save the most energy, and make my house feel more comfortable. Now 6 months later, I can say that my November and December utility bills were about 1/2 of last years. My kitchen floors and upstairs bedrooms are much warmer. You should definitely give them a try. ”
- M. Jones, Warren County, January 2015
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Attic sealing and Insulation - Knox

“A Job Well Done ... ”

“Mark and Bill Reed went through our house, then gave us a detailed list of what needed to be done and how much each item would cost. It all needed doing. Bill and the guys did an unbelievable amount of work sealing, removing old (and dirty) insulation, blowing in new insulation, flashing around the chimney at both attic and roof level ... and more. They were very considerate and careful to clean up afterward. We gladly recommend them. ”
- Don & Betsy Whitlock, Knox, October 2014
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New Rinnai boiler and insulation - Albany, NY

“You will be happy that you hired them too!”

“Back in December of 2013, I was referred by next door neighbor who had hired The Climate Chief to insulate their home. She could not stop saying that her was so much warmer, and her fuel bills were lower. So she gave me their number and I called and had Chief Gary out to perform my NYSERDA Home Energy Audit. After his investigation he walked me throughout the home, and explained why I was feeling so uncomfortable, and it all made sense. Its been 10 months since the they insulated my home and replaced my oil boiler with a Rinnai gas boiler (that also makes my hot water), and I am amazed at the results. My heating bill has been cut in half and the upstairs is so much more comfortable. I think you will be very happy that you hired them too. Mrs. E. James.”
- Mrs. E. James, Albany, NY, September 2014
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Energy Conservation - The Capital District area.

“Home Comfort at NO COST!”

“Watch our short video to learn how the services we provide can resolve years of comfort frustration, reduce your fuel and electric bills, and pay for themselves!”
- The Climate Chief, The Capital District area., September 2014
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Home Energy Audit and Insulation - Saratoga Springs, NY

“I cant wait to sleep in my upstairs bedroom this winter!”

“So today I just had my home energy audit performed by The Climate Chief- and was so excited about the experience that I had to share it. So I have owned a 150 year old Victorian home for three years, and have been evicted out of my upstairs bedroom the past two winters because it gets so cold up there. My home energy auditor was Gary, whom must have took an hour to discuss all of the concerns I had with my home. We then we walked the entire house from top to bottom. He performed the blower test using his x-ray camera. At the end of his diagnostics, he provided me with a proposal to fix all my concerns, and everything made perfect sense. So come October... they will be installing a Super Attic Insulation system and performing some air-sealing and insulation work in my basement. I can't wait to use my bedroom this winter! Missy R.”
- Missy R., Saratoga Springs, NY, September 2014
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New Pella Windows and Crawlspace Repair - Albany, NY

“13 years of comfort concerns are gone!”

“We had The Climate Chief out to perform a home energy audit back in March 2013. One of our goals was to improve the comfort to my back family room. Gary was able to determine that the root cause of my comfort concerns; the wall of windows facing the back yard and the crawlspace below the family room. I hired The Climate Chief to install new Pella 350 windows and fix the crawlspace. What I really appreciated the most... was the time that Gary took to help me understand what was going on in my home and how the improvements would accomplish my goals, and eighteen months later I am happy to say that the 13 years of comfort issues in my family room are gone, and my fuel and electric bills have been noticeably lower. Sincerely, H. Winslow”
- H. Winslow, Albany, NY, September 2014
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Full home Insulation and Air Sealing - Loudonville

“The Hucks are happy!”

“The home looks great and feels great! New Furnace and Air Conditioner, Water Heater, all the walls have new AIRKRETE injection foam insulation, and the Attic has been insulate to an R60 with loose-blown Cellulose Insulation! Cant wait to see what the Bills will be like this winter!”
- Steven Huck, Loudonville, August 2014
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Attic and bedroom insulation - Schoharie

“WOW! What a difference”

“Two full days plus an hour or so on the third day is all it took. They are excellent at what they do, and developed an expertise over time which makes them truly efficient and productive. My house is no longer humid and my bedroom is more sound proof to road noise. I am waiting for my bedroom to be warmer and cozier in the winter months. And I am happier to wait a little longer for that! Knowing that the insulation in my walls is non-toxic and non-flammable and an all natural product made of three simple ingredients is priceless. ”
- Gwen Medak, Schoharie, August 2014
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Energy Audit, Attic, Roof, Basement Insulation - Round Top, NY

“Grateful & Warm!”

“Our experience with Climate Chief was excellent. Gary went to great lengths to understand our home, our needs, desires and plans. He was extremely knowledgeable in the field of building science and could explain in easy terms how the plan they prepared would work from a scientific perspective. They were never pushy. The Climate Chief executed their job with the utmost professionalism; always punctual, polite, and respectful of our space. Every day they cleaned up after themselves. The final work was more than we could have hoped for. We saw a 40% reduction in our heating costs from the insulation project- so far this winter. Our comfort level has increased dramatically. We would not hesitate to recommend The Climate Chief to anyone and look forward to working with them again.”
- Scott Edmonds, Round Top, NY, July 2014
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Attic Insulation - North Creek

“Cheers! To a more comfortable house.”

“I had The Climate Chief out to my home to address an ice dam back up problem back in Jan following those two large snow storms. I called them up and they came out to my home in less than 24 hours and removed the icicles with their steam pressure washer, they than explained to me and my wife why the icicles were occurring and it all made since. After a couple of days wrestling up there in my attic, and removing a couple of critters too, we were all set. Months later now, is when I am writing this review because I am so pleased with how comfortable our home has been on those few hot days we were experiencing- normally the AC would have kicked on in the past, and right now we just don't need it. Very happy with Gary and the folks at The Climate Chief- keep up the good work! ”
- Nathan R., North Creek, June 2014
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