Crawl Space Repair


Do YOU Have a Crawl Space In Your Home?

Millions of homes were built with dirt floor crawlspaces- primarily because it was less expensive than installing a full size basement and in some instances a full basement would not be feasible because of a high water table or the inability to dig a deeper hole. Now all building scientists agree- that was a BIG MISTAKE and building codes are slowly changing. Research results indicate that closed (non-venting) crawl spaces are a great moisture control strategy and also save energy if the installer follows climate-appropriate insulation strategies. It’s no secret that wall-vented crawl spaces can breed mold and moisture — leading to rot, structural failure and unhealthy indoor air.

In the winter, vents let cold air into the home. Floor insulation sags away from the sub-floor and the cold air gets above it- rendering the insulation useless. In the summer the vents let warm humid air in which is cooled by the subterranean crawlspace. This caused the relative humidity in the crawl space to go way up above safe moisture levels causing condensation to form all over the crawl space surfaces including floor joists and ducts. Mold grows and wood rots, while insect and other pests flourish. Musty odors can be noticed upstairs as mold spores travel upwards into the living space. Eventually rotted floor joist must be replaced and mold must be remediated. An unending stream of water vapor comes up from the ground adding to the moisture load in the crawlspace and the house. The damp air becomes much harder to heat and cool.




10 Signs That You NEED Our Crawl Space Repair Services:

  1. Floors above the crawl space feel cold in the winter.
  2. Musty odor coming from the crawl space area.
  3. Exposed dirt floor.
  4. Vents are installed in the foundation walls.
  5. Dirty, damp, crawl space insulation.
  6. Standing water or wet areas on crawl space floor.
  7. Signs of insects or rodents in crawl space.
  8. Rusty metal surfaces.
  9. Visible mold.
  10. Rotted wood.


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