Ice Damming

ice dam at work 

Preventing Ice Dams

Here in Albany and the Capital District, we are no strangers to ice. Icicles and ice damming can ruin rain gutters and cause water leakage into your home, potentially causing harm to your roof, attic, insulation, ceiling, flooring, and more.

5 signs that you NEED our Ice Dam Prevention Services:

  1. You notice icicle formations at the edges of your roof after a snow storm.
  2. You use heat tape (aka: heat cables) to melt the snow and icicles along the edge of your roof to prevent ice damming.
  3. There are water stains on the ceiling surfaces below the attic.
  4. Rooms below the attic are too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.
  5. You think your fuel and electric bills are higher than they should be.

You may not be aware, but when it comes to Ice damming, numerous problems can take place within your home. The heat that leaks from the living space into the attic causes snow to melt in upper areas of the roof, and the deeper the snow, the more serious the problem can be. Melting doesn’t happen evenly, because some parts of the roof will be warmer than others due to poor insulation and air-sealing. This causes more snow to melt on the roof’s surface immediately above these unevenly heated areas. The melted snow freezes just at the edge of the roof before and in the gutters at the coolest part of the roof, causing an ice dam, creating a water channel under the shingles and into the home. Water can seep into the attic, soaking it to the point where it can ruin the insulation and any destroy stored valuables. It can further make it’s way into the home, ruining ceilings, walls and wood floors. If ice is damaging your home, we have years of experience to deal with the build-up as well as the root of issue quickly, safely, and effectively.



Protect Yours Home Today

If you’re unsure of your home’s potential for ice damming. Don’t hastily spend your hard earned money to have an Electric Heat Tape system installed. Contact the Professionals at The Climate Chief today for a Free Inspection and Estimate to prevent ice dams in the future.

For more information on ice damming, please contact us today! We serve the Capital District and surrounding areas which include Albany, Altamont, Ballston Spa, Ballston Lake, Berne, Bethlehem, Broadalbin,  Canajoharie, Clifton Park, Coeymans, Cohoes, Colonie, Corinth, Galway, Green Island, Guilderland, Halfmoon, Knox, Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Latham, Malta, Menands, Milton, Niskayuna , New Scotland, Queensbury, Ravena, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Scotia, Schenectady, Voorheesville, Watervliet, Waterford, Westerlo and many more.